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Map-Based Results

Map-Based Results

If you are looking for Apartment and Houses for rent (or buy), explore it through real-time and easy maps. This is an easy-to-navigate way that RentUncle can help you find your next home. You can get to carry out interactive map search of all real estate properties in South Africa. You can choose to search in your own way- explore it by location, property type, price or any other parameter of your choice and easily narrow your search.

Most Active Listings

Most Active Listings

With several varieties of houses and apartments on rent (or sale) in almost every state, city and neighbourhood across the country, we can help you locate your dream home. With more than 500,000 active listings, RentUncle has the biggest inventory of apartments and housings in South Africa.

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When you searching properties for sane / to rent, it can be quite cumbersome and tiring. You explore many places and find nothing that suits your needs it could be seriously frustrating. To add to this, there are a number of websites that list different real estate properties, you would find it difficult to identify the accurate information regarding the apartments and houses available. Well, we live in an age wherein you can find it all in one place whether it’s air tickets, hotel reservations or job positions. Why real estate options should be an exception? This is why RentUncle is so immediately useful. On RentUncle, you would find, for the first time, all the online rental and sales listings in South Africa synchronized on one platform.

Alright, this is how it works- once you work out the search location you are interested in, you can further narrow it down by different parameters of your choice. You can choose the preferences like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, monthly rent, and whatever else you want to add to these preferences to help you arrive at the right kind of property. Let's say you liked a place, you can then directly go to the original listing and read and learn more about the neighborhood, and also contact the landlord directly to inquire about your specific queries or schedule a visit.
How to sum up the RentUncle experience? Well, you are about to experience the access and ease of exploring the inventory of 100,000 active rental listings. You can bet on one thing for sure; we can help you find a place for you no matter wherever it is as long as it is in South Africa!!!

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