About RentUncle

RentUncle came into existence to fill and bridge a large void, there was no one-stop, easy solution to find all rental housing listings in one place. RentUncle has been developed to fix this. RentUncle stands for a purpose and a cause - it is to help the apartment hunters and managers work their way through and find online rental housing. It is aimed at connecting all the dots and helping you find the rental property you need.

Searching Rental Properties

RentUncle.co.za is the solution of the problem of navigating the vast maze of online listings of rental properties on different sites. In simplicity and ease, it compares to the way you can use Kayak.com for travel deals and Indeed.com for finding jobs. We glean listings from many property management and owner websites. Then we add them to our search database on a nightly basis. At any point in time, you can locate more then 1,00,000 active listings - believe it or not, that beats all the existing similar sites. Moreover, this is not a site that offers you some hints here and there and leaves you wondering what's next. This is a one-stop solution and enables on-the-stop decision-making. We list profiles for every suburb in the country so that you can work out for yourself in your own if this is the place that fits your requirement. Try it whichever way you like; search it by map or through lists. You can keep adding filters and parameters to your search by property features and amenities too. Once you identify the listing you are interested in, you can directly go to the property's site and conduct your inquiries for further information. It boils down to this; if you are ready and set to explore just about every available apartment, townhouse, condo and single or multi-family rental property out there, you have discovered the right and complete solution.

Listing Rental Properties

After surveying the property owners, we also discovered that they find listing their apartments and filling vacancies extremely inconvenient and time consuming. So we decided to plug this inadequacy too- we set out to make RentUncle supremely user-friendly and easy for property managers.
In a matter of minutes, you can submit a listing. There's no need to get worried about our advertising model too. For featured listings, it is risk free and cost effective.
Users are directly sent to your site from RentUncle.co.za - no forms, no red tape, no middle man to muddle the deals!