5 Best Cities to Live in South Africa in 2020-21


Are you thinking of settling in South Africa but confused? Here are some places to live in South Africa at an affordable price and with a good standard of living.

This will help you to find a place to live according to your needs as well as your living standards with the price you afford.  It will give you a basic idea about where you can live with the lowest cost and high living standards in South Africa. 

1. Johannesburg

Being the capital of Gauteng province, it is the biggest city in South Africa. “The city of Gold” is one of the 50 largest urban areas of South Africa. Being the economic center of South Africa, it includes most of the major banks and companies. Based on Job Opportunity, Johannesburg is found to be the best place to live in South Africa.

Rent Price is least in Johannesburg, in comparison to other cities of South Africa. According to research, an average renter spends only 19% on rent annually, hence, it is the best-suited place for renters as well. On average, the cost of living in Johannesburg is around $578 per month.

The city has lots of fancy malls with a wide range of multicultural markets. Joburg also includes large botanical gardens and lion parks. On average, the city experiences pleasant weather throughout the year.

However, there are high crime rates in some parts of the city but in exclusive neighborhoods, it is the safest place to live.

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2. Capetown

Capetown is one of the three capital cities of South Africa. Capetown, located in the Southwest direction portion of South Africa. Hills and mountains are situated on one side of the city, which provides an opportunity for hiking and cycling. The other side is bordered by the South  Atlantic ocean. 

From top nightlife to many historical structures, Cape Town can provide you the best quality of life. Capetown has the perfect blend of natural landscapes and amenities of a modern city.

According to Survey, average house price in Cape Town is R5 755 317 and Average annual rent is R108 000. Average annual salary spent on rent is 27%. Living cost is almost 46% lower than the cost of living in  London. The safest suburbs include Campus Bay and Clifton or Bo-kaap.

However, property in Capetown is a bit more expensive. Also, the salaries are lower than the other major cities in South Africa.

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3. Pretoria

Pretoria is the second capital city of South Africa with an estimated population of 2.1 million people. The city is so close to Johannesburg that it is also known as the sister city of Johannesburg. It is estimated that by 2030 both the city will pair and will be developed as a Megacity.

According to survey,  average house price in Johannesburg is R2 270 915 and average annual rent is R84 000 while in Pretoria average house price R2 556 558 and average annual rent is R72 000. 

Pretoria is full of important government buildings. It is also an academic city, as the city has 3 universities. Thus, the population mainly includes government servants or students. The city also has many museums and botanical gardens.

As the city is very near to Johannesburg, the cost of living as well as climate conditions are very similar to its twin sister.

To find the top 10 in-demand suburbs, visit: https://businesstech.co.za/news/property/263589/the-10-most-in-demand-suburbs-in-pretoria-and-how-much-youll-pay-to-live-there/

4. Durban

Durban is the 3rd largest city in South Africa. The city is located on the eastern side which is the reason for its sunny and warm climate. The estimated population is about 3.1 million people. Durban is famous for its beaches and nightlife. Also, sports are big in Durban.

Durban’s average house price is R3 102 022 and R4 446 692 accordingly. Average annual rent e is R61 200. The Musgrave and Beare are the most exclusive area of the city. According to the survey, Durban has the highest quality of life score in South Africa. The Cost of living is relatively cheaper, almost 46% lesser than in London.

Durban has the best healthcare facility in South Africa, with the quality standards meeting up to the level of the UK. The city is known for its multicultural blend. It has the largest Indian Community outside India.

Here’s the list of suburbs in Durban: Neighbourhoods in Durban

5. Port Elizabeth

The seaside city is the sunniest city of South Africa, as here, the sun shines for almost 300 days a year. The city is known as “ The Windy City” as the weather is windy. Also, it is entitled “The friendly city” as people are very friendly.

The city is the most affordable in South Africa. Port Elizabeth having monthly cost of living is $467 per month and cost for rent is $339.The cost of living is approx. 50 % lower than in London. Port Elizabeth is a small and clean city. 

The city includes vast garden routes, beaches, various museums, and other historical monuments as well as perfect wildlife. The area with the best neighborhood is at Summerstrand, which is closest to the beach and university. Also, Walmer and Humewood have easy access to malls and beaches. The city is the easiest going and chilled out place in South Africa.

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From all the above information it’s going to be hard for you to put your finger on one. You can decide it with your living standards and money you can spend when you want to choose a place to live.